Thursday, 21 March 2013

Welcome to VideoGamePM

Hi everyone, welcome to VideoGamePM. My name is Robbie and I have worked in the games industry for the last 10 years, in both QA and Design.

The idea for this blog came from the post mortem analysis that many developers carry out on their latest title, which allows them to learn from their mistakes and highlight the good decisions made during development, which they can hopefully implement moving forward.

The motivation for this blog comes from the fact that I can see the games industry slowly solidifying into a contorted, uninspiring, unstable mass, ready to crumble at any second, and I don't like what I see. The excitement of a new release is becoming rare, and a game living up to its hype or legacy is even rarer. It shouldn't be this way, but more importantly, it doesn't have to be this way.

A studio's internal post mortem analysis can help to an extent, but many times developers are in denial of their own shortcomings, or snow-blind to the facts because of the many inhuman hours they put into their game. There are numerous resources on the internet for talking about what you like and dislike about a game, but I hope VideoGamePM will become a central resource for everyone - for gamers to make informed choices through to developers making informed design decisions. VideoGamePM is not about reviews, its about thoughtful analysis of the individual features and factors of games and the industry.

Of course I'm not egotistical enough to think that my thoughts alone will influence a generation of gamers and developers, and that is where you come in. I want this blog to be the voice of everyone who cares about their games, so please get involved. (That includes you too, developers). Every contribution is important to the success of VideoGamePM. Let everyone know what you like and don't like about your latest purchase, or equally what you think of your all-time favourite game. Every game ever released is open for discussion here.

Together we can influence the future of games, and help them evolve.

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