VGPM Hall of Shame

Welcome to the VideoGamePM Hall of Shame. Here you will find the travesties, abominations and disappointment of the gaming world.

If you are a gamer, think of this page as a resource to avoid wasted time and money, and if you are a developer, then learn from the mistakes of others (or your own mistakes if one of your games happens to be listed).

Please feel free to nominate any games you think are worthy of the list. You can contact us via email, facebook or twitter.

(Please note, games are listed alphabetically.)

Resident Evil 6

A stumbling, confused mess. Failed to rectify the mistakes of Resident Evil 5, instead reinforcing them with amateur design decisions. An unforgivable sequel to a disappointing sequel to an amazing reinvention (Resident Evil 4) of a franchise.

Read VGPM's analysis of Resident Evil 6 here.

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