VGPM Hall of Fame

Welcome to the VideoGamePM Hall of Fame. Whether you are looking to discover a new game to play, or wanting to study some guaranteed benchmark games, then this is the place to start. Only games of the highest quality will make this list, so please have a look and discover some gaming gems.

Please feel free to nominate any games you think are worthy of the list. You can contact us via email, facebook or twitter.

(Please note, games are listed alphabetically.)


If you want to experience something a little different, something that will challenge your emotions a bit deeper that choosing to save character A or character B, you will be more than satisfied with the short but deep Journey.

If you are a game developer, then Journey is a shining example of bare-bones storytelling and pacing, and how its less-is-more approach does an excellent job of finding its way into the player’s deeper psyche.

Read VGPM's analysis of Journey here.


VVVVVV is a brilliant retro-themed flipscreen platformer/explorer. Essential playing for all fans of the genre and an essential case study for all game developers.

Read VGPM's analysis of VVVVVV here.

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